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Management Philosophy

We Create Value for All Stakeholders.

We manage assets with the primary objective to enhance unitholder value. To that end, we aim to achieve stable, long-term growth for Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (JLF).

We also strive to make a meaningful contribution to society that will create value not only for JLF unitholders, but also for all stakeholders who do business with JLF.

Management Policy

We put forward our best effort to be a company that continues to enjoy the trust of unitholders.

  • We place unitholder interests above all else and do our utmost to enhance unitholder value.
  • We aim to secure stable growth in operating revenues over the mid- to long-term.
  • As a company, we promise to maintain high aspirations and conduct ourselves with integrity and fairness.
  • We will maintain a high level of management transparency with timely and appropriate information disclosure.

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