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Policy on Dealing with Anti-social Forces

Basic Policy on Dealing with Anti-social Forces

MLP sets forth the following basic policy related to dealings with anti-social forces. We strive to ensure appropriate and safe business conduct through adherence to this policy among all officers and employees.

1. Organizational Response

MLP will deal with anti-social forces as an organization as a whole from top management on down. Also, we will strive to ensure the safety of employees who deal with anti-social forces.

2. Ties with external specialized institutions

MLP strives to build close ties with law enforcement, attorneys and other external specialized institutions on a day-to-day basis.

3. Severing All Ties Including Transactional Relationships

MLP will sever all ties, including transactional relationships, with any anti-social forces.

4. Civil and Criminal Legal Actions

MLP will refuse any improper or illegal requests from anti-social forces and pursue both civil and criminal legal action where necessary.

5. Rejection of Engagement in Secret Transactions and Provision of Funds to Anti-social Forces

MLP will absolutely not conduct secret transactions or provide funds to anti-social forces.

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