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Policy for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct

Mitsui & Co., Logistics Partners Ltd. (hereinafter, "MLP") has adopted all of the Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct (hereinafter, the "Principles") announced by the Financial Services Agency on March 30, 2017 and has established a policy to implement the Principles.

1. Establish and announce our policy for customer-oriented business conduct

MLP, as an asset management company entrusted with the management of assets for Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (hereinafter called the "JLF"), has established its management philosophy and management policy to ensure customer-oriented business conduct, and has announced them on MLPs website.
Going forward, the Company will continue to emphasize customer-oriented business conduct, check the progress of initiatives on a regular basis, and review the policy as necessary.

[Management Philosophy]

MLP seeks to manage assets with the primary objective of enhancing unitholder value through the stable and long-term growth of Japan Logistics Fund, Inc. (JLF).
It also strives to become a socially meaningful company that delivers value for JLF unitholders and all stakeholders that engage in transactions with JLF.

[Management Policy]

MLP will make every effort to become a company that unitholders continue to trust.

It will always place the interest of unitholders before all else and do its utmost to enhance unitholder value.
It aims to secure stable operating revenues on a medium- to long-term basis.
It commits to conducting fair and sincere corporate activities with high aspirations.
It will maintain a high level of management transparency by disclosing information in timely and appropriate fashion.

2. Pursue maximum interests for customers

MLP, as a financial operator, seeks to maintain a high level of expertise and professional ethics, and will work to pursue maximum interests for customers by providing them with fair and sincere services. In addition, MLP strives to establish such business conduct as a corporate culture.

3. Manage conflicts of interest properly

MLP spares no efforts to have an accurate understanding on the possibility of conflicts of interest in any transaction. If there is a possibility of a conflict of interest, it will work to manage the conflict of interest through multiple measures, including deliberations at the internal management committee that includes outside experts before the transaction is carried out, in accordance with laws and regulations and internal rules.

Please click here (JLF's website) to learn more about the Company's initiatives to prevent conflicts of interest.

4. Clarify fees

MLP provides information on the details of fees and other expenses that JLF pays to MLP, including the type of services for which relevant fees are paid, so that customers have a better understanding.

Please click here (Part 1 Fund Information / 1. Status of Fund / 4. Fees and Taxes in the Securities Report (in Japanese)) for details of fees related to JLF.

5. Provide important information in an easy-to-understand manner

From the perspective of customers, the Company strives to disclose important information about JLF in an easy-to-understand manner as soon as possible. In addition to legally required disclosures, MLP seeks to voluntarily disclose or provide information that is considered important for investment decisions.

6. Provide services that address customer requirements

MLP makes every effort to understand customer needs and requirements and conduct asset management, taking such needs and requirements into consideration.

7. Establish proper schemes to keep employees motivated

MLP strives to enhance internal education and training programs on compliance to make sure that its employees remain aware of MLP's social responsibility and public mission, and act responsibly.

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