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Compliance Regime at the Asset Management Company

Establishing Codes for Complying with Laws and Regulations

At MLP, we have established internal codes for complying with laws and regulations that fully contemplate the social responsibility and public mission we bear as the asset management company of an investment trust. The codes serve as a basic guide for corporate activities that rigidly comply with laws, regulations and the like and uphold social codes with the aim to broadly win the trust of society as a whole by contributing to the furthering of society and the economy through the sound execution of our management duties.

Establishing a Dedicated Compliance Officer

We have nominated a dedicated compliance officer, who is charged with the oversight of internal matters related to compliance.

Role of the Compliance Officer
Establish an internal compliance regime and cultivate a corporate culture of compliance with laws, regulations and rules.
Serve as head of the Compliance Committee, which deliberates matters related to compliance with laws, regulations, internal codes and rules and the like, risk management and internal audits and the like.
Serve as an observer on the Investment Management Committee, which deliberates matters related to the creation and revision of operating guidelines and asset management plans and the consideration of asset acquisitions and the like.

Decision-making Flow for Property Acquisitions

Decision-making Flow for Property Acquisitions
(Reference)Anti - Conflict - Interest Rule Involving Property Acquisitions
  Any properties to be acquired from an interested party shall be acquired at a price no higher than the appraisal value as determined by an independent real estate appraiser.

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